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Who we are

Most good software is born out of necessity, usually when an individual fails to find what they are looking for. Our flagship project, SmartFolio, was no exception, and was launched in 2004, fuelled by our passion for our work. Our inspiration was the clear gap between contemporary advances in portfolio theory and the approaches that were still being used by most existing software packages.

In 2006 we realized that SmartFolio had serious commercial prospects, and so founded Modern Investment Technologies Ltd. to make SmartFolio software available to all. Our company is unique in that we are totally based in Moscow, thereby making us the only Russian providers of professional asset allocation software at this time.

Our philosophy

Our company has been privileged to have developed in the so called information age, in a world where technology advances with tremendous speed. But we quickly realised that this also had disadvantages. As many newly emerging theories are published immediately, no company, even with the brightest of minds, has even the slightest chance of competing in research.

We therefore decided that instead of implementing our own in-house approaches, we would concentrate our efforts on carefully selecting and integrating the most recent and promising theoretical achievements that became available through open source. This allows us to not only retain our competitive edge, but also to protect our clients from the risks associated with using proprietary “black-box” algorithms that are almost always obscure and often unpredictable.

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